Selected Problems in Mathematical Physics
Statistical Mechanics, Many-Body Quantum Physics and PDEs

September 1 – 5, 2014, La Spezia (Italy)


Organizing committee

R. Adami

M. Correggi

R. Figari

A. Giuliani

Polo Universitario
della Spezia

ERC Starting Grant


"Dispersive Dynamics"

PRIN 2010-11



Dipartimento di Fisica
Università di Napoli
"Federico II"


The Conference will take place at the University Campus of La Spezia of the Politechnic School (funded by University of Genoa).
The Campus is located in the complex "G. Marconi" , Via dei Colli n. 90, La Spezia, placed on top of a hill called "Colle dei Cappuccini", which used to be a military signal base belonging to the Italian Navy. The Campus is made of 5 classrooms and 3 laboratories provided with computer stations. The conference will take place in Room 6 but Room 7 is also reserved for participants.

There are several ways to reach the Campus from the city centre:

By bus
The line reaching complex "G. Marconi" is 13 - Via Chiodo-San Rocco. The stop to get off at is Colli Monte, that you can find on the list of stops. You can take the bus at the stops Via Chiodo Giardini or Piazza Verdi depending on where you are staying. Please note that this second stop is on the opposite side of Piazza Verdi with respect to the position marked on GMaps. Check the timetable where the relevant stops have been highlighted.
To go back from complex "G. Marconi" to the city centre the bus is still 13 - San Rocco-Via Chiodo: it must be taken at the stop Colli Mare, that you can find on this list of stops. To get off several stops could be convenient: Smeraldo, Mercato, Via Chiodo Giardini or you could even continue past the terminus up to Piazza Verdi.

On foot
There are several rather steep stairways starting close to Via del Prione and the central train station (Scalinata Spallanzani, Salita Quintino Sella, Via Cernaia or Scalinata Gerolamo Guidoni) or Piazza Verdi (Scalinata San Giorgio or Scalinata Fillia). The easiest (i.e., less tiring) path is this one, thanks to a public elevator that takes half the way to the top of the hill.

All the suggested accommodations (and basically the whole city center) are reachable from the Central Railway Station (La Spezia Centrale) on foot (up to 20 min. walk) or by bus or taxi. See the ATC website for the bus timetable.

Below some information on how to reach La Spezia.

By plane
The closest airport to La Spezia is Pisa International Airport, which is also the most convenient. By a very short bus ride on can reach Pisa Railway Station from the airport (PisaMover Bus) and from there take a train to La Spezia (approximately 1 h. trip by regional trains and 45 min. by fast ones).
Alternatively one can fly to Genoa Airport. A bus shuttle to Genoa Railway Stations (Volabus) is also available. Notice that there are two main Railway Stations in Genoa and the most convenient to reach La Spezia is Genova Brignole. The train trip is however a bit longer (1 h. 40 min. by regional trains and 1 h. by fast trains).
The Florence Airport could also be an option, but the trip to La Spezia by train is much longer (at least 2 h. with typically a change in Pisa).

By car
The highways A12 from Genoa or Livorno and A15 from Parma have all exits to La Spezia. A large part of the city center is in fact forbidden to cars, but most of hotels are reachable nevertheless.

By train
As already pointed out the Station La Spezia Centrale is very close to the city center (5 min. walk). Note that local trains coming from Pisa or Florence might also stop in another small Station (La Spezia Migliarina), where you should not get off. The train timetable is available on Trenitalia website, where it is also possible to buy tickets.